United Stitches Mini Quilt Kit

  • $176.00

United Stitches Mini Wall Quilt Kit.... f you don't think you are up to the challenge of the full 32 stitcheries, why not start with the mini wall quilt, the pattern is included in the starter pack with stitcheries 1 & 2, then you just need to purchase 7 more stitchery designs of your choice, gather your fabric and start stitching!!

This listing is includes the following materials required to make the United Stiches Mini Quilt top as pictured:

1. Fabric
30 cm (12") fabric for stars
30 cm (12") white plain fabric
20 cm (8") for border 1
40 cm (16") for border 2
30 cm (12") fabric for binding

2. The United Stitches Starter Pack containing:
~ United Stitches Collectors tin
~ Full pattern and instructions for the United Stitches quilt, the smaller wall quilt and the foundation pieced alternate blocks
~ United Stitches 4 ½ “ viewing window/cutting template
~ Mini Package 1 (2 x United Stiches pre-Printed Linen US01 & 2 x United Stitches US01 swap cards)
~ Mini Package 2 (2 x United Stitches Pre - Printed linen US02 & 2 x United Stitches US02 Swap Cards)

3. Your choice of 7 Mini Stitchery Packs

4. United Stitches Thread Starter Pack: Set of 11 skeins of beautiful 6 stranded Cosmo Threads

Completed size of finished quilt 32" x 32"

Australian Textile Design.

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