Stitching Fairies Embroidery Kit

Stitching Fairies Embroidery Kit

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The fairies are here! They are busily stitching the final spots on their toadstool houses! They are so happy that their village looks neat and tidy. They may win “Most liveable Village” this year. Why don’t you help them by stitching this beautiful scene?

Stitching Fairies Embroidery Kit by Rosalie Quinlan contains a pre-printed Linen and enough Embroidery floss to create this beautiful scene.

Additional materials you may require:
40 x 50cm ( 16" x 20") thin, light, woven, fusible interfacing.
30 cm (12") fabric for boarder.
Embroidery hoop: 18 cm (7").

Australian Textile Design

Materials: Linen

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