Small Glass Needle Bottle with 10 Fine Applique Needles

  • $12.00

This listing is for a gorgeous glass bottle containing 10 super fine applique needles perfect for needle turn applique with a good sized eye.

The beautiful glass bottles are hand coated in polymer clay. Each unique bottle is decorated with a colourful floral design.. they are very strong and resist breaking..

When you have finished using the needles you can fill with your favourite essential oils and hang as a gorgeous air freshener or car deodoriser

The bottle will be selected randomly.. however.. if you have a favourite colour just mention it in your order and I will do my best to select a matching bottle for you.

Bottle designs and shape may differ from those in the image. Image 2 shows small bottle shape and the current range of bottles colours.

Please shop wisely. These little bottles have to be shipped as a package and for international orders the minimum package weight is 500g. Please send me a message for a custom order to combine items and shipping.