Imperial Fibre Optic Square Ruler - 5" x 5"

Imperial Fibre Optic Square Ruler - 5" x 5"

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Matilda's Own Imperial Fibre Optic Ruler - 5" x 5"

You want your project to shine, so accurate measurement is imperative.

The unique translucent fibre optic plastic of this Matilda's Own Rulers and Templates, allows you to clearly view and mark the underlying fabric to a high degree of accuracy.

Their fluorescent nature even allows you to work productively in areas of low and poor lighting.

The markings are digitally etched into the ruler to 1/1200th of an inch accuracy. This means that the markings will not wear off or warp as is common with many screen-printed rulers.

As this ruler is marked at 1/8th of an inch top to bottom, there is no need for sandpaper dots, as the fibre optic plastic has a clinging effect even on the most slippery of surfaces.

Matildas Own Rulers and Templates are Australian Made...

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