Flowerville - CGT Thread Set

  • $71.00

Flowerville full thread set of Cottage Garden Threads as required to complete the full set of 9 Flowerville stitcheries

This listing includes 12 skeins in soft or bright pallets.

Bright Pallet (Picture 1 & 2) includes:
210 Tropic Sea x 2 Skeins
418 Blue Heaven x 2 Skeins
602 Larkspur x 2 Skeins
603 Pansy x 3 Skeins
607 Geranium x 1 Skein
800 Sage x 2 Skeins

Soft Pallet (Picture 3 &4) includes:
Charcoal x 2 Skeins
Cellar Door x 1 Skeins
Mrs Ryan x 3 Skeins
Sterling x 2 Skiens
Ginger Kiss x 2 Skeins
Grassy Knoll x 2 Skeins

Cottage Garden Threads are hand dyed and we highly recommend purchasing the complete set of 12 threads to avoid any changes in colour between Dyelots.
I am happy to order you the complete set and ship 2 or 3 skeins with each installment of Flowerville if you choose Option 2: The BOM as 1 Block Installment per month for 9 months..

Australian Textile Design