Dragonflies Quilt Pattern - Pick and Mix Creative Card

  • $6.50

Claire Turpins new range of Pick & Mix Creative Cards show you how to turn a cushion pattern into a quilt.

This new product is perfect to use with any of Claire Turpins Applique Cushion Patterns and there is an acrylic template to make cutting each block piece a breeze. 

All you need is your favourite Claire Turpin Applique Cushion pattern, the Wedges Acrylic Template and a Pick and Mix Creative Card!

The quilt in Image 1 features the Applique from the Happy Days Cushion Pattern... The Cushion Pattern is found at this link... 

These Quilts are perfect for those that only want to sew a small amount of appliqué but want to add that extra uniqueness to a pieced quilt. 

This small range of Pick and Mix Creative Cards consits of 3 different designs 3 different designs... there is a a fantastic medallion style quilt which is great for square cushion designs and a funky wedge pieced quilt that works wonderfully for both square and rectangular designed cushion patterns and a dragonflies style quilt. 

Finished quilt sizes are optional..

Extra large Creative Card Paper Pattern Only. Acrylic template available separately.

Australian Textile Design.