Dolly and Me Quilt Pattern - Set of 9 Patterns

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Dolly and Me Quilt from Kookaburra Cottage Quilts is a set of 9 patterns.

Spoil a special little person or Mum-to-be with a beautiful childhood quilt featuring 3d effects and removable dollies.

Pattern 1: Bessie bear with removable baby bear
Pattern 2: Dolly dress ups... with removable clothing
Pattern 3: Come fly with me... with 3 D wings
Pattern 4: Summer afternoon with a pocket and removable rabbits
Pattern 5: Bertie Bear with removable dolly
Pattern 6: Ellie Elephant with 3 D Ears and Flower
Pattern 7: Raggy Ann with removable 3 D Heart
Pattern 8. Dolly and Me (Centre Block)
Pattern 9. All My Love, Instructions for putting the quilt blocks together, binding and quilting... Including instructions for a cute quilt label to trace off and applique or embroider and an ideas page to reuse the designs for other projects..

Finished Quilt measures: 61" x 65" (155cm x 165cm)

Difficulty: Suitable for confident beginners to advanced stitchers.

Paper Patterns Only. No fabrics included.

Australian Textile Design.

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