United Stitches - 19

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United Stitches number 19

Pack contains:

2 x pre-printed linen of United Stitches #19

2 x United Stitches #19 swap cards.

About United Stitches

United Stitches "a stitch and switch adventure". It's more than a than a Block of the Month, it is a program designed with flexibility and sharing in mind.

The complete program contains 32 individual mini stitcheries that can be used to create the complete quilt pictured here.

What makes United Stitches unique is that each mini stitchery package contains 2 pre-printed linens and 2 swap cards! As a result, you have the option to purchase 16 packages, and swap one of your stitcheries with members of your sewing group, friends or even members of the "United Stitches" Facebook page.

Alternatively you can purchase all 32 stitcheries and create a quilt of your very own.

The swapcards allow all participants in the program to have a record of who their stitcheries came from, and the cards can be kept in the handy "United Stiches' collectors tin (available in the starter pack)

The mini stitcheries can also be used to create mini wall quilts or an endless variety of other wonderful projects.

Picture 2 shows the mini wall quilt. The pattern is included in the starter pack with stitcheries 1 & 2, then you just need to purchase 7 more stitchery designs of your choice and start stitching!!

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