Paula Storm Applique Brush

  • $24.95

This Applique Brush is for use with the 'Needleturn without the Needleturn' technique... a fantastic and easy technique developed by Paula Syorm.

There is a brilliant tutorial by Paula on YouTube here..

You will receive one new and improved applique brush in a small box with eye dropper to fill the brush and the recipe for the liquid starch to fill your brush (the brush will come empty)

The recipe for the starch includes Vodka. If you prefer you can leave it out, however you will need to keep your starch batch in the fridge and it will only last for a few days. The vodka is used as a preservative, but also most vodkas are made from potatoes, and therefore have a higher starch content. You only need a 50ml sample bottle for a full batch of starch. Your batch will then last for several months rather than a few days.

After Care: It is very important to flush your brush out after each use or the brush will clog. To do this, empty the starch back into your batch and fill the brush with normal tap water. Put the brush back on and squeeze the brush until the water drips out smoothly. Continue squeezing until you feel the brush is clean.

If your brush does clog, take the nib section and place it in a cup of recently boiled water. Leave the nib in the boiled water until the water is cool. Repeat if necessary. Fill the brush with tap water and flush the water through as in the after care step.

Australian Textile Design.